Windham Weaponry Field Repar Kit

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UPC: 848037009753
This Kit is designed to provide every part you would need to keep your rifle fully functional in the field - the perfect emergency selection to stow in your rifle case! All are top quality Windham Weaponry parts including: an M16 Firing Pin; a Firing Pin Retaining Pin; Bolt Cam Pin; Extractor Cartridge; Extractor Pin; Extractor Spring; Extractor Spring Insert; Extractor O-Ring; a set of 3 Bolt Gas Rings; Hammer and Trigger Springs; Disconnector Spring; Hammer and Trigger Pins; a Front Sight post (taller .040" height); an A1/A2 Front Sight Adjusting Tool and a CP-02 Chamber Plug/Safety Tool. Never be without that critical part to keep your rifle firing!