Trijicon Reflex Ii 12.5 Moa Amber Triangle

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MPN: RX06-10
UPC: 719307600447
Reflex II 12.5 MOA Amber Triangle Reticle w/M16 Handle Mount.

A dual-illuminated, advanced-combat reflex sight, Trijicon Reflex II gives shooters next generation technology for super fast, any light aiming without batteries.

It gives you two eye-open shooting, as fast as you can point. The new standard for instant any-light shooting accuracy. Trijicon's enhanced Reflex II is the natural evolution in speed-with-precision shooting and true-color target acquisition. It gives you maximum accuracy and true-to-life targeting, instantly, without failure-prone batteries.

Thanks to a break-through advancement in combat optics, the Trijicon Reflex II provides a wide-band light transmission form the viewing field to the shooter's eye. The result: Reflex II users view their target in truer colors, even when using the one eye only aiming method.

While red dots provide speed and crosshairs offer precision, Trijicon's triangle reticle gives shooters aiming that's both lightning fast and highly precise. For shooters who opt for a traditional aiming dot, this model comes with a smaller amber dot for finer target positioning.

Length: 4.25"
Width: 1.35"
Height: 1.65"
Weight: 4.2 oz. Without the mounting adapter
Field of View: The 24mm clear aperture lens is equal to or larger than most 30mm tube-type sights.
All Reflex II Models include threaded polarizing filter and dust covers.