Trijicon H&K Usp Compact 3 Dot F&R Ns Set

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UPC: 719307201095
Details: H&K USP Compact 3 dot green front & green rear night sight set.

Green lamps are warranted for 12 years from the date of manufacture.

Trijicon offers a choice of illuminated dot colors, to suit
individual shooter preferences. Trijicon Night Sights are available
with green, yellow, and orange aiming dots. The front sight is only
available with a standard illuminated green dot.

Trijicon recommends green dots because they are the brightest lamps.
They are best for targets in low- and no-light shooting conditions.

However, because some shooters prefer greater distinction between
their front and rear sights, Trijicon also offers yellow and orange
dots for rear sights. Trijicon recommends yellow over orange for the
rear dots because yellow is brighter, lasts longer, and therefore
carries a longer warranty.

Trijicon 3 Dot night sight sets are designed and assembled with the
optimum combination of strength and safety. The patented aluminum
cylinder and sapphire lens construction cannot be equaled. The
brightness obtained from the tritium content is focused through the
sapphire lens to give the maximum possible illumination. Because the
sight blades are machined from steel rather than cast, their strength
is unsurpassed. Trijicon night sights are the brightest, strongest
and safest.