Trijicon H&K .45 3-Dot Night Sight Set

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UPC: 719307210530
The Trijicon Tough and Bright Illuminated H&K .45 Pistol Night Sight has been designed to provide military and law enforcement professionals the sight they need to effective sight targets at night. The glass lamps on this Fiber Optic Weapon Sight by the experts at Trijicon are filled with pressurized tritium-phosphor that allows the sight to glow in the dark and will last for at least 12 years. The Trijicon H&K 3 Dot Tritium Night Sight Set has an extra large front dot and white rings around the rear glowing dots for daytime shooting. The tritium lamp on this Trijicon Illuminated Handgun Sight is capped with a sapphire jewel that will evenly distribute the light from the tritium lamp and will help to prevent puncture. The silicone rubber cushion on the Trijicon Tough & Bright 3 Dot Tritium Night Sight offer amazing shock protection to the lamps within the aluminum housing.


- Glass lamps
- Metal body
- Silicone rubber cushion for shock protection
- Extra large front dot
- White rings around glowing dots
- Sapphire window
- Protective aluminum cylinders


- Fits: H&K .45
- Green Tritium
- Lamp Material: Glass
- Body Material: Metal
- Cylinder Housing Material: Aluminum