Thompson/Center Arms Pillowtick Pre-Lube Patch 54&56

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MPN: 7137
UPC: 090161007802
Pillow ticking was originally designed to be used in the manufacturing of pillow covers. An extremely tight weave 100% cotton fabric was needed to keep the feather quills from poking through the fabric. The U.S. Government went so far as to create a set of specifications which had to be adhered to by vendors who manufactured this material for the military (these patches match those military specs).

Shooters learned long ago that the same properties which existed in pillow ticking were conducive to making excellent round ball patches. The tight weave 100% cotton fabric was rugged, resisted tearing and prevented burn-through. T/C offers pillow ticking patches prelubricated with Natural Lube 1000+. All patches are biodegradable, and non toxic. Uniform thickness assures consistent velocities from shot to shot. 100 per bag.