Gerber Blades Tool Kit Only w/Ballistic Shth Cl

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MPN: 45200
UPC: 013658452008
This accessory increases the versatility of all Gerber multi-function tools. The tool kit has a coupler that fits over the crosshead screwdriver, allowing the use of any standard 1/4" hex bit. Almost all fasteners have drivers in the 1/4" hex bit format.

Gerber was the first to offer such a coupler with a multi-functional tool, and it's still the best one on the market. It comes with the coupler, six bits (three flat head drivers and three crosshead drivers), a coupler/bit carrier, and a ballistic sheath to hold a Multi-Plier and the loaded coupler/bit carrier. The tool kit will work with any Gerber multi-function tool, and is backed by Gerber Legendary Blades' Limited Lifetime Warranty.