Gerber Blades Multi-Plier 600,BluntNose/Blk Box

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MPN: 07520
UPC: 013658075207
Gerber's Multi-Pliers 600 Series is simply the best multi-function tool available today. It has features not found on any other multi-function tool, features that insure when you pick it up, you won't put it down.

All Multi-Pliers 600 Series tools have one-handed pliers opening. No handle rotation or gyrations are necessary. Just a flick of the wrist slides the pliers jaws into the locked and ready position. With the SAF.T.Plus System, each component opens independently for any other, locks tightly against a positive stop roll bar and stays tight until you unlock it.

Multi-Pliers 600 Series has easy to access, all locking components. The locking system is the safest and easiest to use of all multi-function tools. Components lock up against a solid bar of steel, rather than a spring like other tools. To close, simply slide the lock release back and the component can then be rotated back into the handle. It also has independent tool rotation, allowing access to the component you want without the other tools following it out.

Other notable features included smooth, non-pinching handles, and stainless steel construction.

When brute force is required, the Blunt Nose version has no peer. It has the strongest jaws of any multi-function tool available. Like all 600 series, the Blunt Nose has one-handed opening pliers, independent tool rotation, and all components lock in place.

Made of stainless steel, it features: blunt nose pliers, wire cutter, crimper, standard/metric scale, lanyard rings, crosshead screwdriver, bottle/can opener, serrated sheepsfoot blade, large, medium & small flathead screwdrivers, file, and drop point blade.


- Blunt Nose
- Open Length: 6.375"
- Closed Length: 4.875"
- Weight: 8 oz
- Sheath: Ballistic
- Limited Lifetime Warranty
- Black