Do-All Traps Clay Hawk 3/4 Trap

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MPN: CH334
UPC: 649898206011
Warranty: Two year warranty on product. One year limited warranty on clutch.

The 3/4 cocking traps basically cock themselves and will throw a standard bird 90 yards!

The family choice is the Clay Hawk 3/4 model. This trap features all of the patented throwing capabilities and incorporates Do-All's innovation in trap mounting systems. The Clay Hawk has a tetrahedron base for strength and stability, with long ground spikes to grip the earth. The best part about this ground mount system is that it mounts high enough above the ground to place a chair for comfort. Now everyone can afford to experience the best 3/4 cock trap on the market!

- Tetrahedron base for strength and stability
- Long ground spikes to grip the earth
- Trap mounts high enough above the ground to place a chair for comfort
- 3-pivot mount allows you to throw targets in all directions
- Made from steel and aluminum materials for years of durability
- Throws all five targets as singles, nested pairs or stacked doubles
- Sliding adjustable clip allows for speed and direction
- Free instructional video

3/4 Cock Summary - Uses a 1-way bearing system. It only moves counter-clockwise. After it throws, it releases the bird at 12:00 and then the arm rests at the 9:00 position (no wobbling). To set it again, you only have to move it from the 9:00 to the 6:00 position. This takes much less effort than a standard trap because the spring is already 1/2 way pulled back. As a general rule, a 12 year old who can put his feet down on the ground can handle a 3/4 cock trap by himself.