Chrony Chrony Ballistics Ii Software

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Test loads before shooting...
Increase your range...
Shoot more accurately...
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Chrony Ballistics II Software is designed to work with Microsoft's 32-bit operating systems (Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows 98 Second Edition, Windows Me, Windows NT, and Windows 2000).


- Under Cartridges of the World select from hundreds of cartridges with drawings and dimensions
- Under Factory Ammo choose from hundreds of cartridges with different bullet weights, bullet types, velocities, Ballistic Coefficients, and more
- For the hand loader the Program has a list of Powders as well as recipe files and will compute Ballistic Coefficients for Custom Ammo
- Provides space for all firearms you own, and then some
- Compare Ammo performance on Comparison-Graph
- Under Project Information enter the facts about your present project such as cartridge and bullet information, firearm used
- Post velocity-data from your SHOOTING CHRONY chronograph and program will automatically display the statistics, such as Lo and Hi-velocities, average velocity, Extreme Spread and Standard Deviation. It will compute Chrony-velocity back to muzzle-velocity. File information and/or get printout
- The TRAJECTORY GRAPH is a pool of information: It will display graphically the ammo in your current project. Just click on the view you want: Path, drift, energy and eleven other views are just a click away
- Add new Ammo data to list of Factory Ammo
- Scan new cartridge drawings (or any pictures) and add them to the program (Scanner not included)
- Save the results from the Simulator Screen with your project and/or get a print-out of same
- This program is written in VISUAL BASIC 6
- HELP BUTTONS give access to info at whatever program location you are.