Champion Traps And Targets Chalk Targets Holders (Single)

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With these fun, reactive targets from Champion, you'll know instantly when you hit your mark. Set these targets up on one of two holder systems for increased shooting excitement. The bright chalk discs provide shooters high visibility targets at various distances. The Single Holder Systems are bendable to accommodate hanging from nails or fence lines. They also feature push pins in the back, allowing shooters to attach them to cardboard and other similar materials. Utilize the Multi Holder system to take on your buddy in a shooting challenge.

Features & Benefits

- See hits instantly when discs shatter
- Colored discs increase visibility
- Improve shooting skill by varying distance
- Stand alone or push pin option
- Durable stand for hanging or holding targets
- 12-16 inches tall
- Includes 12 targets (2.5-inches in diameter)
- Includes 3 stand alone target holders