Butler Creek Univeral Babylula Pink Pistol Loader Clam

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MPN: 24223P
UPC: 051525242307
The BabyUpLULA™ is a high-quality pistol magazine loader and unloader designed for loading virtually all* single-stack and narrow-body .22 LR to .380 ACP (9mm Short/Kurz) mags which have normal / moderate angle of lips. It does so easily, reliably, and painlessly.
Loads .22LR, .25, .32 and .380ACP cal. single-stack and narrow-body pistol mags of all manufacturers, having: width of mag less than 1/2" (including any slider pin), or regular / moderate angle of lips (unlike Ruger's MK series mags).

- Highly durable.
- Has a simple rounds' unloader feature too.
- No inserts, spacers, or adjustments at all ! (One SKU)
- Easy loading; the rounds just drop in with no fingers pushing or pressing them.
- No more pain ! Load hundreds of rounds, painlessly.
- Protects your fingers and mags.
- Up to one round per sec. loading rate. 1/3 the time loading mags compared with thumb-loading.
- Fits in hand and pocket, weigh approx 35 grams.