Browning X-Celler Plus Sling W/Loop, Blk

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UPC: 023614201809
X-Cellerator Plus Rifle Sling with Cartridge Loops, Black

The X-Cellerator Plus sling may be the most comfortable sling you'll ever own. The X-Cellerator Plus has the same oversized slip-lock buckle for easy adjustment of the X-Cellerator sling with the addition of a shoulder pad. The padded shoulder strap consists of neoprene rubber that is laminated between strong nylon and soft, silicone-treated suede. This combination provides unbelievable comfort.

- Fits: Rifles
- Color: Black
- Swivel Stud Distance: 25 1/2" to 28"

- Three cartridge loops on the shoulder pad keep additional ammunition readily available
- The padded shoulder strap provides unbelievable comfort
- Easy adjusting, slip-lock buckle
- Includes swivels