Bianchi X15 Shoulder Lh Taur607,S&W15

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MPN: 12367
UPC: 013527123671
For comfortably concealing a large pistol or revolver, nothing tops the X15. This vertical design holster was developed in the 1960's and still maintains its reputation for comfort, speed and security. The X15 features a dual spring closure for uniform tension and stability.

The unique, fully adjustable, soft leather harness is cut wide for comfort. Available in four sizes, this multi-fit holster works equally well whether for compact, short-barreled concealment guns or long-barreled hunting handguns. Harness adjusts to 52" chest. It comes in a plain tan finish.

Size 04 Fits:

- AMT: Auto Mag 6-6 1/2"
- Colt: Python, Anaconda, MKIII
- Ruger: Bisley, Blackhawk, GP100 (4 inch barrel), Single Six, Super Single Six, Vaquero
- S&W: 19, 27, 29, 66, 610, 586, 686 6"-6 1/2"
- Taurus: 607
- Wesson: 15 6"