Bianchi Um92-I Military Holster Od

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MPN: 17008
UPC: 013527170088
Since the U.S. Armed Forces adopted the Bianchi M12 in 1984, Bianchi has been the clear leader in ballistic weave nylon holsters, belts and accessories for the military.

The UM84R is made from a combination of tough, lightweight materials, including a non-absorbent, closed-cell poly-foam core with a laminated ballistic weave nylon outer surface for protection and water resistance. Perma-Fit construction molds the holster's interior to the shape of the gun it carries.


- Removable flap
- Ambidextrous design
- Converts to shoulder holster with optional UM84H harness
- Equipped with Quick Lock belt fastener
- Water resistant and hand washable
- Fits up to 2 1/4" belts

The UM84-R fits medium and large frame 4" revolvers.

In addition to all the proven design and construction features of the M12/UM84, the UM92 holster incorporates an ingenious trigger guard shield which protects and stabilizes the trigger guard for improved firearm retention for the Glock and other similar handguns. It is constructed of a high-strength polymer and securely riveted into the holster, which is designed for today's most popular large frame semiautomatics. Compatible with all UM84 accessories; water resistant and hand washable; fits up to 2 1/4" belts.


Sizing Chart UM92I - Large Frame 5" Single Action and Double Action Automatics

- Beretta: 8000F, 8040F, 92/96 Series, 92FS/96 Vertec
- Bren Ten M&P
- Colt: Delta Elite, Government
- Kimber: Custom II, Custom Target II
- Llama: IXA
- M&B: P15
- Mauser: Luger P08
- Para Ordnance: P14, P16
- Sig Sauer: P210, P226R*
- Star: M/B
- Steyr: GB80
- S&W: 1006, 4506
- Taurus: PT-92, PT-99, PT-945
- Walther: P38

*R - Denotes Sig Sauer fits with rails