Bianchi T6510 Modular Acc'Y Panel Blk

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MPN: 22417
UPC: 013527224170
Modular Accessory Panel

- Five attachment points to mount accessories
- Two points offer horizontal and vertical mounting options
- Adjustable ambidextrous leg strap featuring a 2" Quick Release Shatter Buckle allowing for quick comfortable deployment
- Adjustable belt hanger made of two layers of heavy duty webbing with an internal Velcro hook liner (for optimum results, use with Model 7200 Bianchi Velcro Loop Lined Duty Belt)
- Vertical adjustment to custom-tailor panel location on thigh
- Non-slip backing keeps panel securely in place
- Unique contour shape offers comfort and performance
- Exclusive holster anchor strap eyelets secure holster tightly to panel

- Black