Bianchi 82 Carrylok Blt Rh Spfd Xdb Blk

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UPC: 013527232380
Security now, speed when you need it!

Selecting the right concealment holster shouldn't force you to choose between speed and security. Now you can have both with Bianchi's CarryLok holster with Auto Retention.

To secure your firearm with the CarryLok device, all you have to do is firmly seat it in the holster. The internal locking mechanism automatically blocks the trigger guard, instantly securing your firearm. A quick upward tug confirms that it is locked in place. To draw your firearm, simply press the CarryLok release tab with your middle finger as you draw. The result is an efficient, one-step single plane draw, very similar to what you would expect from an open top holster.

Professionals that carry all day will enjoy the pancake styling for its comfort and concealability. However, unlike traditional pancake holsters, the CarryLok device holds the holster open for easy one-handed reholstering that is both fast and secure.


Exclusive Auto Retention feature
FingerLok retention device secures handgun
Stay open design for efficient one-handed holstering
Dual belt slots pull gun close to body for concealability
FingerLok release lever provides speed and security for quick middle finger release of firearm
16° forward carry angle
Open muzzle
Fits up to 1.75" belt widths

Size 14B fits:

Springfield XD-9, XD-40