Bianchi 7955 Accu Elite Dty Pl Blk 34-36

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MPN: 22710
UPC: 013527227102
Made of 4-part laminate construction for extra strength. A high density, internal polymer stiffener runs the full length and width of the belt for firmness and added holster support. Duraskin exterior with Velcro loop lining.

It comes with a Tri-Release buckle, a Bianchi exclusive. It means added peace of mind when wearing your duty belt. To unlatch the buckle, three points must be disengaged in a specific order-first, the center release, followed by the top and bottom releases. This unique system reduces the change of takeaway or accidental release of the buckle.

- 4 part laminate construction
- ErgoTek load supporting cushions on inner lining spreads load of duty belt over entire waist.
- Duraskin exterior with Velcro loop liner for use with Bianchi 7205 belt liner
- 2 1/4" width

Belts are 2" oversized to accommodate garrison belts.