Bianchi 7506 Accumold Blt Rh Bere 84

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MPN: 17854
UPC: 013527178541
The feather-light AccuMold Belt Slide holster snugs up to your body, close and comfortable. Bianchi's custom molded construction keeps the holster open, allowing for easier draw and reholstering than conventional nylon holsters. Firm action snaps on the two belt straps allow quick release without removing your belt.


- Release thumb break for quick, easy access
- Custom molded and contoured
- Made of high-density Trilaminate
- Unique Coptex inner lining
- 100% polyknit material provides a smooth draw
- Optional front strap opening
- The Adjust-A-Strap feature permits adjustment for different handguns
- Open muzzle design
- Snaps/slides on 1 3/4" belt slot
- Black

Size 09 Fits:

- Beretta: 84, 84F, Cheetah, 85, 85F
- Browning: Hi-Power
- Colt Government: .380
- Daewoo: DP52, DH380
- Kahr: K9, MK9, K40, K40 Covert
- Kimber: Compact, Ultra, Ultra 10, Ultra Carry II
- Llama: IIIA