Bianchi 7500 Accumold Pdl Lh Glock19

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MPN: 18816
UPC: 013527188168
One of the most unique holster designs in years, the Model 7500 has a wide range of adjustability for cant and draw height, allowing you to position the holster where it's most comfortable and accessible. A new, narrow offset contoured paddle keeps the holster and firearm close to the body and is lined with non-slip diamond-cut neoprene for exceptional stability without sacrificing comfort. The close-fit paddle provides excellent concealability.

Made of Trilaminate construction for durability and performance: ballistic weave fabric exterior, high-density, closed-cell foam center and Coptex inner lining: 100% polyknit material provides a smooth draw. Closed muzzle design. Lightweight-almost 50% lighter than leather with the fit and function of leather. Contour molded to precisely fit each handgun.

Size 11 Fits:

- Beretta: 8000F, 8040F, 8045 Cougar Mini
- Glock: 19, 23, 29, 30, 36
- H&K: P7-M8, USP Compact .40
- Ruger: P95
- Sig Sauer: P225, P228, P229, P239 .357
- S&W: 4566
- Taurus: PT-24/7