Bianchi 7105 Accumold Cruiser Rh Bere 92

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MPN: 18420
UPC: 013527184207
This holster features a durable, heavy-duty construction in a lightweight configuration. The Cruiser incorporates a low-profile design with a high ride belt position. This combination ensures maximum comfort for officers who spend a lot of time riding in a car. Ideal for law enforcement use with 50% greater density foam than standard civilian AccuMold holster.


- Adjust-A-Strap thumb snap
- Heavy-duty Quick-Slide injection
- Molded 2 1/4" belt loop
- Closed muzzle design
- Unique Coptex inner liner helps protect your gun finish and provides a smooth draw
- Adjustable integral thumb snap


Size 15 Fits:

- Beretta: 92/96F Centurion, 92/96D Brigadier, 92FS/96 Vertec
- S&W: 1006, 1046, 4506, 4546
- Taurus: PT-92, PT-92C, PT-99, PT-100, PT-101