Bianchi 7001 Am Thumbsnap Rh Glock 19/23

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MPN: 17725
UPC: 013527177254
Lightweight, tough, weatherproof, washable and sleekly molded to the shape of your handgun, the Model 7001 Thumbsnap holster offers innovative construction and sleek styling at an affordable price. It is made of high-density Trilaminate: ballistic fabric exterior; high-density, closed-cell foam center.

Suitable for outdoor and concealment applications, this holster rides at a 10-13 degree forward angle for a fast, instinctive draw. The Bianchi integral "Roll-Top" thumb break strap offers handgun retention, while AccuMold construction keeps the holster top open at all times for easier draw and reholstering.


- Coptex inner lining made of 100% polyknit
- Sturdy Quick-Slide injection molded belt loop
- High ride
- Closed muzzle design
- 1 3/4" belt slot

Size 11 fits:

- Beretta: 8000F/8040F Cougar, 8045 Cougar, 8045 Cougar Mini
- Glock: 19, 23, 29, 30, 36
- H&K: USP Compact .40
- Kahr: T40
- Ruger: P95
- Sig Sauer: P225, P228, P229, P239 .357
- S&W: 4566
- Springfield: XD-9, XD-40
- Taurus: PT-24/7