Bianchi 7000 Am Sport Rh Tau Ragebul 8.3"

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MPN: 18906
UPC: 013527189066
Here's leading edge holster technology at an affordable price. The Model 7000 Sporting Holster features molded Trilaminate construction and is available in sizes to fit a wide range of popular pistols and revolvers. The holster carries the handgun at an FBI standard 10-13 degree forward angle. The Model 7000 has an adjustable front strap closure and sturdy Quick-Slide 1 3/4" injection molded belt loop.


- High ride
- Closed muzzle design
- Sleek front strap closure incorporates Adjust-A-Strap feature
- Unique Coptex inner lining
- 100% polyknit material provides a smooth draw

Size 06 Fits:

- Colt: Anaconda 8"
- S&W: 27, 29 and similar N frame models 8 3/8"
- Taurus: Raging Bull 8.3"