Bianchi 5 Blackwidow Blt Lh Parap12 Blk

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MPN: 15715
UPC: 013527157157
This compact holster features an open muzzle design, and widely spaced belt slots to hold the gun close to the body and high on the hip for excellent concealability.


- Dual belt slots for superior stability
- Ultra high ride for comfort and concealability
- Double stitched for strength and durability
- Open muzzle design allows various barrel lengths
- Fits 1 3/4" belt widths

Size 10 Fits:

- Browning: Hi-Power
- Colt: Commander, Delta Elite, Gold Cup, Government, Officers' ACP
- Detonics: Combat Master .45
- Kimber: Custom II, Custom Target II , Ultra Carry II
- Llama: IXA
- Para Ordnance: P12, P13, P14, P16
- Springfield: 1911-A1
- Star: AS