Bianchi 4750 Ranger Triad Rh Sw Sigma

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MPN: 19750
UPC: 013527197504
This unique design features a wraparound center compression strap that can be tightened to ensure a firm fit, holding the gun and holster in place for a consistent draw. An adjustable, high-density foam ankle pad maximizes comfort by cushioning the anklebone and allowing the holster to be placed exactly where you want it on the leg.

It features a unique, contouring center compression strap to firmly snug the holster close to the leg for excellent concealability and firm gun fit. The ankle-pad cushion is fully adjustable for custom fitting to the anklebone. The cushion is removable for easy cleaning and airing.

- Finish: Black Ballistic Nylon

Sizes 12 Fits:

- Kahr: K9, K40, K40 Covert, MK9, T40
- Kel Tec: P-11
- S&W: 411, 909, 3913, 4006, 4046, 4556, 4576, 5906, 5943, CS40, CS9, Sigma .380, SW9F, SW40F