Bianchi 3S Pistol Pocket- Size 11 Lh

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MPN: 13764
UPC: 013527137647
Comfortable even for wear when driving, the Pistol Pocket slips into your waistband and secures to your belt with two one-way snaps. The belt loop is attached to the holster with a swivel, so the holster can be adjusted to five carry modes. Metal-reinforced thumb snap for quick release; Hand-boned for a precise fit; Can also be worn crossdraw; Open muzzle design allows various barrel lengths; High ride; 1 3/4" belt slot

Worn inside the waistband
Fully adjustable swivel offers various carry options
Metal-reinforced thumb snap for quick release
Hand-boned for a precise fit
Can also be worn cross draw
Open muzzle design
High ride
1.75" belt slot

Size 11 Fits:

Browning Hi-Power
Colt Delta Elite, Gold Cup, Government
Kimber Custom II, Custom Target II
Llama IXA
Para Ordnance P14, P16, P18 LDA 5"
Springfield 1911-A1