Bianchi 19L Thumbsnap Blt Rh Para P14/16

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MPN: 17632
UPC: 013527176325
The record speaks for itself! Since the '60's, the Bianchi Thumbsnap holster has been #1 for semiautos ranging from the compact Walther PPK to the hefty Colt 1911-A1. Ideally angled for concealment or sporting carry, the Thumbsnap holster has a wide belt loop for stability, and Bianchi's no-drag Sight Channel. Integral thumbsnap enhances handgun retention. High ride for maximum comfort and concealability. 1 3/4" belt slot

Suede Lined
Made for medium and large frame semiautos.

Size 19 Fits:

- Colt: Delta Elite, Gold Cup, Government
- Kimber: Custom II, Custom Target II
- Llama: IXA
- Para Ordnance: P14, P16
- S&W: 1911
- Springfield: 1911-A1