Bianchi 105 Minimalist Blt Lh Cz 75 Tan

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MPN: 19257
UPC: 013527192578
As its name implies, the #105 is a compact, open-top design that is ideal for daily wear. An elastic strap provides secure retention. The dual belt loops offer stability and pull the holster close to the body for optimum concealment.

The Model 105 features traditional belt slots. Made of premium, full grain leather with suede lining with a border stitch. A belt slide design that slides on and off the waistbelt for a low-profile look. The slots are designed to pull the firearm in close to the body and it fits belt widths up to 1 3/4".

Size 14 Fits:

- Bersa: Thunder 380
- Browning: Hi-Power
- Colt: Commander, Government, Officers ACP'
- CZ: 75, Compact
- Kahr: K9, K40, K40 Covert, MK9
- Kel-Tec: P11
- Kimber: Compact, Ultra, Custom II, Custom Target II
- Para Ordnance: P12
- S&W: Sigma .380
- Springfield: 1911-A1, V10